Timothy and Lillie (2 shared stories)

When Timothy signed the papers in my office to move in, he had a tear in the corner of his eye.  He told me that he was coming back into society.  He’d been alone and very lonely and now he wouldn’t be anymore.

Timothy’s wife died over a year before I met him. Timothy was living in a condo on his own.  The couple had recently moved to Victoria from Ontario and hadn’t made many friends.

Timothy was lonely in his condo without Elsie.  As a retired engineer at the age of 83, he liked routine so every day, Tim would have his toast for breakfast, his toast and soup for lunch and then walk down to a restaurant several blocks from his home for dinner.   On the way home, he would stop at the local grocer and pick up the supplies he needed for the next day.

At home, he read a bit, listened to music a bit, and drank a bit.  When the phone did ring, it was from an old friend in Ontario.  But Timothy didn’t want to move back to his old home.  He wanted to stay in Victoria.

And then one day he was walking by The Glenshiel and saw our sign.  On a hunch he came in and was able to have a tour of our residence.  It wasn’t long afterwards that I received his application and when a room came available, Timothy moved in.  As he signed the papers he tearfully told me that this was the beginning of his new life.

Tim has become involved with the card games and he likes to sing at the piano when Helen plays the piano.  I’ve noticed when we go on field trips that he and Helen are together then too.  A budding romance?  Perhaps!

Timothy asked me to tell people when they come for a tour or are thinking of moving in to tell them that it is the best decision he made.  He’s happy again.

And he isn’t the only one.  Alf moved in 18 years ago.  He says this is the third best decision he made in his life.  The first was asking his wife to marry him.  The second was moving to Canada.  And the third was moving into the Glenshiel when his wife went into care.    By the way Alf is 100 years old now!

Kate says the same thing.  She volunteered here for a number of years and then thought, why don’t I just move in?  And she did.  She’s glad she did and she tells everyone so.

George moved in 5 years ago and discovered painting.  We have his pictures up on the walls of our hallways.  He hadn’t painted before but now he has discovered his talent.

The moral of these stories?  People who are lonely can move into The Glenshiel and find a good lifestyle here.  People who are lonely can find friendship.  And people who are tired of cooking and cleaning can find a better quality of life while the staff does the cooking and cleaning for them.



Lillie was looking for a place to call home when she moved to Victoria and came across The Glenshiel after hearing many good things about the residents and the meals offered here.   She was not with us long before she came out of remission and she transitioned into her final days with grace.   Her goal was to be able to stay at home and enjoy her lovely little suite overlooking Thunderbird Park.   She enjoyed everything about The Glenshiel and when asked how she liked it here she simply said, with her strong Scottish accent, "I think I've died and gone to heaven".    

Rest in Peace Lillie ~ you are missed here and though you have been gone a while, your memory remains alive in us all.